What is the slate?

It is a methamorphic rock, naturally formed over thousands of years, and due his excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics it is recommended to multiple uses, such as roofing, facades, flooring and landscaping.

What to consider when buying a slate?

Put yourself in hands of a serious and experienced company that provides certainty solutions to the client about all his doubts in the specific characteristics of each slate. Choose a slate that meets current quality requirements and standards approved by a renowned laboratory.

How long is the life of slate?

Slate is the most durable roofing material, and could be more than 100 years.

Does the slate has any documentation?

Yes. Costumer must request the latest updates of the declaration of perfomance and test carried out by independent laboratories that certify characteristics of the chosen slate, such CE, NF, ATG, …etc

What declaration of performance is?

This document details the properties of the slate. It gives you information such as the origin of the slate, resistance to water and fire, resistance to bending, carbonate content, as well as description of planimetry and thickness variations. A quality slate should be W1, T1, S1.

Do all slates should be CE?

Yes. All slates sold in Europe must be CE certified. There are countries with their own regulations, such as France (NF), Belgium (ATG), or UK (BS5534), all based on the European Regulation EN 12326-2:2000. Some of these tests, specific to each country, have more strict requirements to obtain their certification, so obtaining some of this certificates is a clear differentiator of high quality compared to slates that only have the CE certificate.

Does slate has any kind of guarantee?

Yes. All our slates are guaranted.

What sizes of slate are there?

We produce a wide variety of sizes in a standardized way.It is also possible to manufacture special measures on request. For more information about sizes, please click here

What maintenance are in slates?

A quality slate does not normally require any maintenance. Moss or lichens may accumulate on the roof over the years, but can be easy to clear using biodegradable products and high pressure water.

Does slate resist fire?

Yes. According to European regulations, manufacturers must test the fire reaction of materials. All our slates are A1, which means it is fireproof.

What do W1, T1, S1 mean?

For more information click here.

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