is a non carbonated slate formed by tectonic compression, extracted and transformed in the area of León (Spain).


Blue grey colour slate, fine laminations and grain. Excellent planimetry, smooth texture with a characteristic longitudinal vein that brings an aesthetic result of great beauty to the projects.


Prestige, Tradition, Eco and Heavy


3,5mm, 5mm, 7mm


From 27x18cm to 50×25 cm

Technical specifications:

Resistance to flexion: Longitudinal: 61,2 N/mm2 | Transversal: 57,4 N/mm2
Water absorption: 0,26% W1
Carbonate non carbonated: 0,4%
Thermal cycle test: T1
SO2 Exposure: S1
Reaction to fire: Satisfy A1
Release of dangerous substances: None

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