Throughout all manufacturing process, our slates are subject to different quality controls, but it is at the final selection process where, one by one and manually, each piece is reviewed by professional experts from our quality department, where is determinated which one of the four selections corresponds to each piece of slate according to his technical and aesthetic characteristics following the requirements of the different regulations in force.


PRESTIGE slates are the result of the strictest selection processes. Only the slates with a perfect planimetry and thickness will pass these controls, which guarantees a very optimal performance during their installation and the obtaining of an aesthetically unmatched result in each project.


They are high quality slates, where small differences in thickness and flatness are allowed. The technical properties of the slate do not change with respect to the PRESTIGE selection, because the TRADITION slates come from the same rock as their superior range. This is a selection demanded by qualified roofers who can obtain great aesthetic results in their projects.


Although all the technical properties of the higher selections are maintained, higher differences in thickness and flatness are allowed. It is our most economical range of slate, for who are looking for a 100% natural product with great durability at low cost.


Selected high quality slates with special emphasis on greater thickness (>7mm). Ideal for projects where a more rustic and natural aesthetic effect is sought.


With a long experience as producers and suppliers of natural slate, at Louxeira BV we are proud of what we do. Commitment to quality and service, trust and efficiency are some of our values present on each slate of our brand.

Our range of slates has under the strictest and most rigorous quality controls, complying with international standards.

Hundreds of customers have trusted our vision: “QUALITY is the answer”.

A high-quality slate not only ensures a beautiful aesthetic result, waterproof and durability, but also is given a value to each Project. Our firm commitment to quality has given us the trust of our customers.

Each piece with the Louxeira BV Brand has technical documentation that is provided to customers, providing all the information they need to know with total transparency.

Si confía en nuestra filosofía de trabajo, la satisfacción está asegurada.


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