Slate is a noble and incomparable material that brings a distinctive and elegant looking to every project. Although different, each slate provides personality thanks to his variated textures and colours.

Added value

Value of a project depends directly on the materials used during his construction. Natural slate is considered by experts a high value material due to his technical and aesthetic characteristics.


Few materials resist over the years as slate do. The most extreme temperatures be resisted by, guaranteeing impermeability maintaining his properties invariably for period even longer than 100 years.


Natural slate has unique and truly attractive design potential. It is a material that can be used in the most traditional buildings as well as the most modern and complex structures. His versatility and easy adaptability make it a useful tool for architectural design.


According to different university studies, natural slate is a much more sustainable material than other products used in construction for roofing and facades.

Low maintenance

Maintenance of a slate roof is much lower than other roofing materials, often no maintenance is necessary, keeping his technical and aesthetic properties unchanged.

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